I am a Maths PhD with technical experience in Software, Data and Intelligence. I am good at framing problems and asking questions.

COVID news topics

Top­ic Mod­el­ing is an unsu­per­vised learn­ing pro­ce­dure sim­i­lar to clus­ter­ing. In this post I give a brief overview of Top­ic Mod­el­ing, present my library trans­former­topic and apply it to scraped news about COVID 

Easily create cool random images in python with randimage

I was plan­ning to add pro­file pic­tures to my now defunct social-app for musi­cians Riff on That and I want­ed to offer a ran­dom­ly gen­er­at­ed pic­ture as a default option. I had a look around for exist­ing solu­tions in python and could­n’t find any­thing to my lik­ing, so I came up with randim­age. This is …

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